Adante is one of our rockstars, add in a million dollar smile and you’ve got one amazing DJ/Emcee! Adante has been entrenched in the event industry for years now and has done everything from bartending to lighting to DJing. Hailing from Arlington – he’s a Texas boy born and bred.

He has a passion for weddings, creating a perfect evening and injecting energy onto a dancefloor for you and your future spouse. His energetic style and determination help make him the DJ that will keep the party going and not miss any of the little details that will make your day unforgettable. Adante’s goal when your special night is over is that you have not only had the night of your lives – but you feel like you’ve made a friend along the way.

In his free time, Adante loves spending time with his daughter, his two dogs and snowboarding.

When not performing, what do you listen to for pleasure (what’s your jam)?
I love so many types of music it’s honestly not any easy answer for me. I can say if you’d name any song that was popular at any point I’m sure I’ve sung it a few times. My favorite thing to do is to sing my own version of songs to add some comedy to it.

What’s your dream vacation?
My ultimate dream vacation would be to travel the globe for about 6 months stopping in different countries and becoming apart of the culture and experiencing life with a different view.

What’s your favorite part of being a DJ?
The jolt of electricity you get when mixing music in front of a crowd and watching how it ignites the dance floor.